We Can Stop Spanking

Stop spanking and build a healthy discipline strategy both you and your child will feel good about. With Robbyn Peters Bennet, founder of StopSpanking,org, and Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting.            

Helping Angry Preteens

Q. I’m afraid my middle-school-aged daughter is going to turn into an “angry teenager.”  Things seem to be going well for her right now but she can be unhappy, aggressive and moody, and she sometimes gets physical.   She had a … Continue reading

Getting Started with Parenting by Connection

Hand in Hand’s approach, Parenting by Connection, is based on supporting solid connections between parent and child and using Listening Tools to help children work through off-track behavior. Core principles of our mission include support for both parent and child, … Continue reading

Focusing on Me Made Me a Better Parent

Join this free parenting call with Certified Parenting by Connection instructors Angela Jernigan and Otilia Mantelers as they discuss how spending a little of your energy on yourself and your own feelings can transform the relationship you have with your … Continue reading

Why Does My Child Hurt Others?

Learn the causes of your child’s aggressive impulses and understand what is happening for them when the impulse to hurt others takes over. Join Certified Parenting by Connection instructors Kathy Gordon and Kirsten Volk for a new way to look … Continue reading

No More Bullying!

Parents of elementary-school-aged children, join Amy MacClain, Soul Shoppe Bullying Prevention facilitator, and Patty Wipfler, Founder of Hand in Hand Parenting, for a practical discussion of what bullying is (and isn’t), why young people act out in hurtful ways, and … Continue reading

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