When Another Child Hurts Your Child

It’s not helpful for children, or for us, to be taught that others are bad. It disempowers us. If others are “bad,” then they have a condition we can’t help them with. We have to defend ourselves against a force that we can’t see or influence. This view is far more empowering: it is hurt people who hurt people. Continue reading

Mothers and Sons: Aggression and Power Replay

Certified Parenting by Connection Trainer, Tosha Schore, and Parenting by Connection Instructor, Kathy Gordon wish you warm, connected relationships with your boys. You can sign up for Tosha’s newsletter, or join her in Walnut Creek for Parenting Boys: Six Weeks … Continue reading

Our Parents Did Their Best

Almost all of us can remember hurtful things our parents did. But they did their best. The human instinct to love is at its most powerful when we become parents. Your parents and mine wanted to love us with all they had. Just as we, too, were born to love our children with all we’ve got. When our parents couldn’t manage to get their love across, powerful forces may have stacked the deck against them. Continue reading

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