Helping Children Share

“Mine!” screeches my 2-year-old and I turn round to find him holding on tight to a Tonka truck. His 7-year-old brother has the other end and is pouting back, “No it’s not.” Undeterred my youngest tightens his grip and roars … Continue reading

Help with Tantrums Replay

In this free parenting call, Certified Parenting by Connection Instructors Stephanie Parker and Kathy Gordon introduce some fresh ideas to help children with tantrums and share their own stories of what has worked with their children. You’ll discover that by … Continue reading

Help Siblings Welcome a New Baby Replay

In this call Certified Parenting by Connection Instructors Lyra L’Estrange and Helena Mooney share their experiences of introducing a new baby to their families. Listen in to gain a greater understanding of how your older child’s emotions work and get … Continue reading

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