Special Needs Parenting

Join Certified Parenting by Connection Instructor, Kathy Gordon, to learn more about the challenge of parenting special needs children. This free parenting call will address the unique challenges and stressors in raising children with differences and how you can build … Continue reading

Helping Kids with Separation Anxiety

Understand the two different kinds of separation anxiety and learn a simple 7-step process to help your child when they find separation difficult. You’ll also hear about two powerful tools you can use to build your child’s confidence and flexibility … Continue reading

Five Ways to Prevent Public Tantrums and Meltdowns

Parents have full and busy lives. It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with the tasks for our day and easier still to want to move at lightning speed to “just get it done.” Yet, the more we try to push through our day, while dragging our kiddos along, the more we set the stage for a meltdown after we’ve left the house. Continue reading

helping your child head back to school

Children love to learn. Ideally going to school, or back to school, should be exciting and fun. Children are built for new experiences and opportunities to master powerful skills like reading and math. But too often things stand in the … Continue reading

Emotional Emergency—What’s a Parent To Do?

We can improve our parenting lives by anticipating emotional emergencies, and experimenting with strategies that can help us to avoid the worst—to divert us before we yell, hit, grab, blame, or shame. Long range, we parents need to set up good emotional support for ourselves, so our well of patience doesn’t run dry so often. It’s a hard job. It’s smart to build support. But even with good support, all parents face moments when our own behavior gets out of hand. Continue reading

Strategies for Hard Times in Parenting

When we became parents, most of us had no idea that we would need to master the art of handling stress. Nurturing children is a job that’s best done with ample and relaxed support—several committed people taking a variety of … Continue reading

Loving the Parent You Are Today

Parenting is hard. And that’s OK. Let’s start by accepting the parents we are today, right now, with all our imperfections and regrets and fumbles. Listen as Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler explores good ways to love and accept … Continue reading

Want to know what our members have been up to?

When you join the Parent Rescue Service Membership, you’ll get videos like this for a full year. Topics covered include setting limits, taming sibling rivalry, helping your child sleep, and handling aggression. You’ll also get monthly live Q&A calls with … Continue reading

Connecting Through Chaos: What to Do When Siblings Have Big Feelings at the Same Time

What parent hasn’t wished she could clone herself into an army of expert cuddlers, caregivers, lap holders, child carriers, diaper changers, housekeepers and taskmasters? How many times can we say, “There is only one of me”? We want to love, nurture and connect with our children, while at the same time supporting their healthy development, and also managing our responsibilities of putting the groceries away, cooking dinner, living in an organized house, maintaining relationships with the neighbors, driving the kids around… the list goes on. How can there ever be enough of us to go around? Continue reading

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