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Healing The Hurt of Separation

September 11, 2015 11am Sydney Time (Thursday, September 10th at 6pm Pacific)

Untitled designIs your child struggling with separation? Do you dread the drop offs and goodbyes, just hoping that maybe one day it might pass or at least get easier? Would you like to learn how to help your child heal the hurt of separation?

Join certified Parenting By Connection Instructors Georgie Bancroft  and Lyra L’Estrange in this free teleseminar, as they share a fresh perspective on how to heal separation fears, and offer personal stories of how these ideas have transformed their parenting experience.

You will learn about the cause of separation fears and how to help your child overcome their separation anxiety so they can relax and enjoy their time away from you, while still feeling secure and loved.

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Free Parenting Calls
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