We Can Hold Their Hands


mumbai_prayersRight after the terror attacks happened in Mumbai,  my daughter saw some of the TV footage with pictures and had some idea that there was fire and people were hurt. I started talking to her about it and mid-way she said something like this:

D: “But why are they hurting others?”

Me: “I am not sure why. Maybe they were very sad and angry about something that happened to them a long time ago.” (I had read the Hand in Hand article on Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events.)

D: “I know! We can hold their hands like you hold mine (when I throw a tantrum) and say, ‘No, you can't do that.'” (She said this very gently.)

I was sad, happy and more when I heard this from her. It reminded me that the young men who choose to hurt others in Mumbai were so human—just like the rest of us. At the same time her innocence scared me. I am happy that for her (at least for now) the path to connect with people when their behavior goes off track is the gentle, loving way.

Thank you for all your support.

–A mother in India

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