Pillow Fighting Taught My Son to Ride His Bike

Yes, it’s actually true!

bikeimageWhen my son had finally learnt to ride a bike, he was very excited. Then he realized he needed to learn to steer and turn corners–it was a pretty rude shock!

Our backyard is very small so the family took a walk to a nearby park and we let the kids ride on their bikes while my husband and I yelled out encouragement from the sidelines. My son was fine riding in a straight line but the minute he needed to turn, he’d lose his balance and he would fall off.

He became very frustrated with himself, with the bike and pretty much with the world at large. This happened every time we took him to the park. I knew that I needed to put in some time Staylistening but I was finding that really difficult to do. Eventually, he gave up on the bike riding, alternating between saying it was boring or defeatedly saying he would never, ever learn to ride it properly. The bike was left in the garage. The bike stayed neglected for about a month or so.

During this time we started pillow fights before bed and the kids loved it, my son especially. He loved whacking us, toppling us over and giggling with his siblings at having conquered the parents!

One Sunday, he told us he wanted to go riding. His whole outlook seemed to have changed and when he finally got on his bike, he surprised us all, himself especially. He could turn, steer and keep his balance. He rode past us with the biggest grin ever. I will never forget his face. His accomplishment!

I know that the pillow fights allowed him to release pent up frustrations, upsets and hurts. It was as if he whacked out all of that brain junk while he hit us with the pillows so when it was time to ride, his body could concentrate on balancing and his heart could concentrate at having achieved something he had felt was unattainable.

–A Pillow Fighting Parent, in Australia

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  1. I’m enjoying these stories so much! Thank you for posting!

    I would love to know when a new story is posted. Is there any way to add an RSS feed function to this site so I could bookmark the feed and see new entries showing up in my Bookmarks?

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