Month: November 2009

Love Pours Out

I have never been able to put into words how I feel. It seemed inconceivable how I could express so much love. Afterward, I felt like a great mother.

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My Daughter’s Need for a Video Disappears

We often give in to her wants, even though we don’t think it’s a good idea, because she looks miserable when she’s not getting what she asks for. We get confused about the right thing to do.

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Yelling at My Son Over the Christmas Lights

I really blew it. I said, “What are you DOING?! You wrecked it! I can’t believe you did that!” I was yelling on and on. (It’s so awful when you make such a big obvious mistake.) Anyhow, my son put his head in the sofa pillow and cried. So I went over to him. He kept turning away from me. I apologized. I said I’d made a mistake.

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Helping Parents Handle Feelings in Crisis

Feeling terrified and completely overtaken by an even bigger need to speak out, I raised my hand and suggested we partner up and each take five minutes to talk about and acknowledge how WE were feeling.

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