Month: December 2009

Listening to Angry Feelings

She immediately got very upset and began crying and screaming at me. I moved closer to her and she began to scream at me to go away.

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Advice Doesn’t Work for My Teen

I didn’t really realize what I was doing, but I could feel that Anna was not listening to me. Tension was building up in the car. When we arrived at home the first thing she did was to shout angrily at her little sister without any reason!

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Staylistening – In Stereo

After about 10 minutes, my husband came in and said, ‘how do you know you’re not hurting them or making things worse?’ I had to shout over their wailing that we were on the right track and even predicted that, at the end of all this, one sister would genuinely give the toy to the other.

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