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Have you heard the New Parent Podcasts? Here's what one parent had to say about them:

Thank you so much for the lovely gift of the Hand in Hand New Parent Podcasts. They are great!  I have been listening to them and love the content. It has helped me to have a new perspective on my son's crying and also justified my desire to be gentle and nurturing with him. We have started listening to him when he has crying sessions after his lovely, happy play times.

It is reallly obvious that he is choosing to offload to us because he feels safe and secure after an interactive, smiley, responsive play time with us.  His dad is doing a fantastic job listening to and reassuring him during these times, and it is amazing to see him come out of one of these cries and happy and ready to be playful again, or crash off to sleep.

Generally my son is pretty settled and easy going, but since he turned 5 -6 weeks old and started smiling, and thus getting more smiley feedback and cheers from us, he has decided he has more to say about things, and offload stuff through crying, which makes perfect sense according the LTC (Listening to Children) stuff. It is fascinating to approach it differently, and perceive his distress differently.

– a Parenting by Connection mom



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