Tantrum Training Class Helps a Family

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First I would like to thank for your support. I am so glad that I could attend the Tantrum Training seminar. I have a 2.5 year old son and a 16 month old daughter. As my daughter started walking recently, she invaded my son’s territory.

There is constant fighting, crying and tantruming. I used to do time outs and isolate my kids until they could calm down or commanded them to stop crying and yelling.

The seminar has helped me to gain a new perspective on tantrums. Now, whenever there is a tantrum, I tell myself that “I am thankful for the tantrum. Because my son/daughter is trying to communicate with me and I will be there for him/her.” I started applying staylistening after the first class. However, the tantrum got worse! I wasn’t sure if this method really worked. But later on, I realized that it was because my son feels safer to express his feelings and tension to me. The second week, I did both staylistening and special time. Amazingly, the occurrence of tantrums significantly decreased. Not only that but, both my husband and I enjoy the special time with our kids.

One day my son was upset that I didn’t give him something during breakfast. He started crying and screaming. I thought he is being unreasonable. In the past, I would say “Eat your breakfast now and don’t be unreasonable.” But I stayed by him and listened to his cry. After about 10 minutes, he said, “I don’t want dad to go to work.” I am amazed that as I listened to his cry, his real issue surfaced – he misses his dad.

The tantrum training has completely changed our parenting approach. Being able to connect to our children becomes the first priority in our relationship with them. We could not believe that a 3-week workshop could transform us and help us to be more confident parents. Many thanks sincerely from our heart.

– a Parenting by Connection mom

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