Parenting During the Holidays


Here are links to stories and articles to help you focus on connecting and listening well as you navigate your way through the holiday season.


5 Playful Ways to Solve Thanksgiving Struggles

How 10 Minutes of Play Turned Thanksgiving Around

Teaching my Extended Family How To Do Special Time

Holiday Meltdowns

Help for Holiday Meltdowns

Holidays and Meltdowns: They Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

18 Sanity-Saving Tips for Parents to Keep Calm Over the Holidays

Present Problems

“I Want It Now!” – Children’s Wants and Needs

“Mom, Do You Like Your Present?”

Family Fights

Helping Your Children Get Along, Especially During the Holidays 

When Your Family Doesn’t Like How You Parent

Why Stopping a Family Feud Starts with You


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