Month: November 2011

Creating Safety for Tough Feelings

A few months ago I became a nanny for a 2 1/2 year old adopted Korean boy.  I believe the parents adopted him when he was 17 months old.  Prior to this time, he was in a foster home. I watched him about 4 or 5 times before becoming his nanny.  From the very beginning,

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The Good Tantrum

“Hi, Hand in Hand Parenting, My almost 3 1/2 year old is having an especially hard time right now with family coming to visit. He has always had an extremely high need for connection. He still needs to sleep right next to me- not even his super involved attachment parenting dad will suffice. But he

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Stepping In and Listening

Although we are friends, we have had to limit the time our son spends with their child, because the kind of language he often uses isn’t appropriate for our son to hear. They were making preparations for a birthday party for their son and our son saw this.

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Helping a Toddler with Biting at Day Care

I had cared for one toddler at my day care center throughout his infancy and we had shared many good and close times together.  He began biting other toddlers a few months after he had moved into the toddler room. It took our staff a week, and a couple of conversations with his Mom, before

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Little Ones Have Big Feelings

Help! My 5 year old seems to be out of control these days. He throws toys, he’s very physical with me and our nanny,  hitting us (and friends) as hard as can. He’ll be sweet one minute, but when when asked to do something he doesn’t like, he’ll begin a hitting tantrum. I’m worried he

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