Month: February 2012

Turning Goodbyes Into Good Fun

My oldest son, Hunter, was having a very hard time when his father left for work in the morning.  Each morning, he screamed, fought and threatened, trying to hold on to his dad, crying and pleading with him to keep him from leaving.  At times, if I was in the other room with his younger brother,

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Helping My Son Connect With My New Partner

I’ve done years of wrestling with my boy, so it’s a well worn connection groove for releasing tension and rebuilding connection between us. This day we were both in fine form. I think he started it by putting a handful of sand down my pants, so once I’d emptied it out, the chase was on.

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Solving My Daughter’s Stuttering With Listening

Stella, my two-year-old daughter, was an early talker, unusually verbal, and a very happy, silly, open little girl. About four or five months ago, she came down with an extreme case of hives. She was given a lot of steroids to try to make them shrink to no avail. She spent a lot of time

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A Window Into My Son’s Soul

One warm day this past summer my whole family was enjoying a day in the sun in our backyard. My father and sister-in-law were with us, grilling dinner on the barbecue, and my two sons were playing with my husband in a canoe that we had gotten recently. We had decided to store it in

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Special Time and Face Time

I had been having a harder and harder time carving out regular Special Time for my two sons.  During the day, when I am the only adult present, neither of them can stand to be alone while the other receives my warmth and attention.  I don’t blame them!  I tried to do Special Time in

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