“No More Hitting!” Is What You Need

Dr. Laura Markham of Aha! Parenting

Does your child hit?  Do you find yourself hoping “Well, maybe he won't hit today” as you get ready for a playgroup or playdate?  That's natural, because most parents don't know how to prevent the hitting — so all we can do is hope!

Finally, here's what you need:  The No More Hitting Class from Patty Wipfler at Hand in Hand Parenting.  If you've been reading my newsletters for long, you know I'm a big fan of Patty's.  I love her way of describing so clearly and simply what's going on inside a child, and what the child needs from the parent to feel better, and act better.

In this new course, Patty takes you step by step through how to prevent hitting, and how to respond to it. If you've never heard of Hand in Hand, this course covers all the important ideas in the Hand in Hand program.  If you've had some experience with Hand in Hand, or you've been following my approach of helping your child express his tears and fears through giggling and crying, you'll find this course a wonderful support for the hard work you're already doing.

No time for a course?  Don't worry.  This one is self-paced. You get three hours of  terrific videos, broken into manageable 15 minute nuggets of wisdom. Patty's warmth comes right through as if she's there talking directly with you. You also get handouts and charts to help you reflect on the ideas and really understand them.

The course is $79. So if you're considering this course, I want to assure you that the course is well worth it.  Not only will it stop your child's hitting, but you'll be creating a closer relationship with your child, and a more effective way of parenting for the years to come.

If your child is hitting, you won't find a better resource to stop the behavior, and help your child with the feelings that are driving it.  Highly recommended.

-Dr. Laura Markham, of Aha! Parenting

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