Building a Parenting Community for Yourself and Your Family

Doing something new or different with your parenting can be an adventure. It can also feel deeply validating when you connect with other parents who are doing the same thing. Here are some ideas for bringing together a local group of families to support, encourage and enjoy one another along the Parenting by Connection path.

ImageMeet Globally, Connect Locally

To start off, you are welcome to join one of our discussion groups of  Parenting by Connection parents on Facebook or by email. Our groups are quite active. They are both  welcoming, supportive places for parents, caregivers, and professionals to talk about using Parenting by Connection. And our archives contain years of inquiries and discussions on a multitude of parenting topics. But even more importantly, you can use the group to connect with parents who live near you. You are welcome to post there asking parents in your area to contact you. Then you can talk about ways to connect in person, perhaps meeting at a local park to introduce yourselves.

If you'd be interested in writing about how you are using Parenting by Connection in your family, we'd be happy to include it on our blog along with any contact info you'd like to share with local parents who are interested in connecting with you.

You might also consider starting your own local Parenting by Connection Study Group. You can download the guide for the Study Group and get started right away. You don’t need to be an expert. We have booklets and articles and videos for you. You simply need an interest in listening to other parents with deep respect, warmth, and confidence in their intelligence, and a commitment to listen without offering judgment or advice.

Have a wonderful time building your parenting community!


Julianne Idleman
Director of Communications at Hand in Hand

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