Month: August 2012

My Children’s Limbic Radar Picking Up My Extra Attention

I recently attended the Hand in Hand Weekend Retreat and wanted to report on what happened upon my return home.  The retreat was wonderful. I was surrounded by beautiful redwoods, had fabulous meals prepared for me, and got a much needed break from full time mommyhood. I got to spend time with other parents who

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Setting Limits with Candy and Care

My husband, daughter, and I were on our way out the door to go to my daughter’s little tot swimming class. My husband had given my daughter a few pieces of candy in the house before we left. While we were getting in the car, she said she wanted more candy. I set the limit

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Near Drowning

I took my two kids to a birthday party at a friend’s pool.  When we got there, there were a lot of kids in the pool and an almost equal number of moms either in the pool or sitting alongside watching.  Both my kids jumped in and began playing.  I admit I was a little distracted that day

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Let Patty Be Your “No More Hitting” Guide

I love how Patty has managed to make the information as simple and accessible as possible, considering how challenging these simple concepts are for most parents to put into practice day after day, this accessibility is so badly needed and such a gift to parents.  I love the “No More Hitting” program that Hand in Hand

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