Month: October 2013

Loving the Candy (Setting Limits at Halloween)

My 7-year-old daughter, M, returned home from trick-or-treating this Halloween with a bag of candy that weighed at least 5 pounds. In past years, she would eat a few pieces of candy Halloween night, we would put the bag up away from the dogs, and then she could choose a piece each night after dinner. She would forget it was there after a couple of nights, and then we’d bring the rest into work for the office candy bowl. It didn’t quite work that way this year though.

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How I Released My Fear of The Dentist

As I was crying the pain began to release in my tooth and by the end I didn’t feel any pain at all. The next day it was also better but it was apparent I still needed to go to the dentist because the tooth needed attention.

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Helping My Daughter Feel Capable

First I started carrying all 48 lbs. of her in front of me. When that became too much, I shifted her to piggy back. It wasn’t long before that became too much for me. I knew I had to figure out a creative way to help her feel independent and capable but not feel like I was pushing her away. This would be a perfect time for Playlistening.

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Playlistening: Play that Lets Children Lead

Every night after dinner, around 7:30 pm I play with my daughter, 4, and my son, 2. They decide where we will play and what they want to do. They have been choosing to play on my bed lately. Before we start, I let them know that I am setting the alarm for 15 minutes.

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Play Eases Grocery Shopping Tension with My Sons

At the end of one day during my sons’ school break, I needed to go buy some food. So, my six-year-old and nine-year-old sons and I stopped at a supermarket. Things went well initially, though we were all tired and the store was getting crowded. My boys helped me pick out fruits and vegetables, and

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