Month: March 2014

“Quit Being So Mad!”

My 10 yr old son and I can both be hot tempered, and I am a single parent. There is not another adult around to help me re-group, but there is always a listening partner, or at least their voice mail, just a phone call away.

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When Your Child Is Stuck in Repetitive Play

Q. For a while now my son has been stuck in a theme of building “cages” or “prisons” to put bad guys in. He’s focused on all the places in the house where he could potentially lock someone in or out…While I realize this could just be something he needs to play with and get out

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Partnering Well as Parents

A Special Teleconference with The Couples Institute’s Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Pete Pearson. Patty Wipfler interviewed these internationally acclaimed relationship experts on how you can strengthen your relationship with your partner. Listen to learn the tools needed to dissolve recurring parenting struggles, and reconnect with your partner. Why do we fight so often over

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Setting Limits Uncovers School-Time Hurt

My five-year-old daughter and I had had a really fun evening together: a mommy-and-daughter dinner date at our favorite burger place, followed by frozen yogurt nearby. We talked a lot and were playful with one another throughout, but, toward the very end, her behavior started to go off-track. She wanted to walk on high walls that weren’t safe

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The Parenting Journey from Isolation to Community

Our alliances with other parents are very important to us. Other parents understand, care deeply, and are fighting the same battles we are. Join Certified Instructors Anna Cole and Stephanie Parker as we think about moving away from isolation and toward building caring networks around us and our families. Get the support you deserve with

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