Month: May 2014

Helping My Child Through Homework Struggles

The school year started off well for my fourth grade son and homework seemed to be moving along smoothly.  However, by mid-January I started to see a progression of hemming and hawing, procrastination and delay tactics, a prickly attitude, distractions, and then off-track behavior.  Furthermore, he didn’t want me to sit at the table with

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tantrums for 2

Tantrums for Two: How to Manage with More Than One Upset Child

Q. Do you have any tips on helping 2-year-old twins who tantrum at the same time and very, very often? Most of the time I’m the only one there to listen and it just doesn’t seem like it’s enough! A. It sounds like you’ve got a challenging situation on your hands! I’m glad you’ve asked

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Must Parents Be Consistent?

We’ve all been told, “Kids need consistency!” But what does that mean? Does it mean that we have to mete out consequences for every one of our children’s poor judgment calls? Does it mean that being flexible with them will pamper and spoil them? How can we tell when it’s important to be consistent, and

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