Month: June 2014

Building Your Child’s Confidence Through Play

You want to raise confident kids. But the task may seem daunting, especially with all the negative messages kids receive these days. Fortunately, you can help your kids build confidence through some something that comes naturally to them: playtime. Listen to Dr. Laura Kaufman & Patty Wipfler discuss tools for boosting your child’s self-esteem.  

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connecting chaos siblings big feelings

Connecting Through Chaos: What to Do When Siblings Have Big Feelings at the Same Time

What parent hasn’t wished she could clone herself into an army of expert cuddlers, caregivers, lap holders, child carriers, diaper changers, housekeepers and taskmasters? How many times can we say, “There is only one of me”? We want to love, nurture and connect with our children, while at the same time supporting their healthy development, and also managing our responsibilities of putting the groceries away, cooking dinner, living in an organized house, maintaining relationships with the neighbors, driving the kids around… the list goes on. How can there ever be enough of us to go around?

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Dads Make a Difference: The Importance of Fathers in Helping Kids Flourish

Fathers – or fathering figures – face a common set of challenges in family life. Sometimes, these challenges can be overwhelming, but in each of these challenges lies huge opportunities for fathers to grow. Listen as Patty Wipfler and Chris White, founder of Essential Parenting, talk about the importance of a father’s role in raising confident,

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Reconnecting Through Special Time After a Busy Day

My entire day, I’d had to figure things out on the fly.  By the time my 10-year-old son was getting out of school, my schedule had changed half a dozen times. I had arranged for some friends to take my son to a nearby park for a birthday party, where my daughter and I would

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Creating Safety Through Messy Special Time

Today after school was my six year old daughter’s time for Special Time. I knew Special Time would be important to her because her nine-year-old brother had spent the last two days sick and at home with me. My daughter wanted to make cookies from the dough we had made the day prior. So, after

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A Good Cry Can Promote Secure Attachment

Most of us parents want, more than anything, for our presence to be the elixir that banishes our children’s upsets.  We want our touch, our cuddles, and our sweet words to heal the hurt. Our son cries over a stomped-on paper airplane, and we put an arm around him and tell him we will make

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