Month: August 2014

Five Ways to Prevent Tantrums in Public

Parents have full and busy lives. It’s easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with the tasks for our day and easier still to want to move at lightning speed to “just get it done.” Yet, the more we try to push through our day, while dragging our kiddos along, the more we set the stage for a meltdown after we’ve left the house.

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helping your child head back to school

Children love to learn. Ideally going to school, or back to school, should be exciting and fun. Children are built for new experiences and opportunities to master powerful skills like reading and math. But too often things stand in the way of a child thriving in the school environment. Hear how Certified Hand in Hand

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Special Time Melts Away Morning Stress

The morning started off rough. My five-year-old son woke up frightened, because he had had a bad dream. When I asked him to tell me about it, he could not recall many details, just that it was a bad dream and he does not like them. While he waited for breakfast and got ready for

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Playlistening with Whining Changes Everything!

We were on holiday—and it was full on, with lots of new things to see and do. There was no routine, and Grandma and other people were always with us. So it is no wonder that my daughter, 3 ½, went off track; she was not getting much one-on-one attention. One particular day was long,

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Emotional Emergency—What’s a Parent To Do?

We can improve our parenting lives by anticipating emotional emergencies, and experimenting with strategies that can help us to avoid the worst—to divert us before we yell, hit, grab, blame, or shame. Long range, we parents need to set up good emotional support for ourselves, so our well of patience doesn’t run dry so often. It’s a hard job. It’s smart to build support. But even with good support, all parents face moments when our own behavior gets out of hand.

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Holding child's hand

Help for the Hard Times in Parenting

When we became parents, most of us had no idea that we would need to master the art of handling stress. Nurturing children is a job that’s best done with ample and relaxed support—several committed people taking a variety of roles to see that each person in the family is able to thrive. But most

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