Month: September 2014

Lawrence J Cohen, PhD

Playing with Anxiety, with Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Children with high anxiety spend much of their time “on guard,” on the lookout for potential dangers. You can use dramatic play to help loosen up this hypervigilance. Here’s three games you can play to confront fear and anxiety. When I first met Brook, she was a girl who was easily agitated, especially if her

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Setting Limits Allows Restful Sleep

I could tell my 6-year-old daughter had something on her mind. She had been talking about something that had troubled her at school, and while I had listened empathetically, it didn’t feel like she had gotten the feeling out. Close to bedtime, she started giving me her usual off-track signals: being a bit rough with

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My Story: How Staylistening Helped My Family and Inspired Me

When my daughter was born in 2010, the first weeks with her were blissful. I had a 6-hour water birth; we were easily able to establish a good breastfeeding relationship. But after 10 days at home, her doctor told us she needed to wear a restrictive hip harness around the clock for five weeks. This

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