Month: October 2014

Set Limits Without Blame or Shame

I have thought a lot about what words I say to my two children when they are pushing boundaries and I need to set a limit. I have found the phrase, “I can’t let you do that” to be so helpful. Of course, physically stepping in to be close, and my body language, is just

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Listening to My Son’s Upset Helps Him with a Goodbye

Our week had been really busy, with family visiting, including my two year old nephew. My two children had played really well together with their cousin, however, with my son, there always comes a point in family visits, or holidays where the feelings he has become overwhelming for him. Even excitement, often viewed as a

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Setting Limits that Build Better Relationships Presentation

Thanks for your interest in the presentation by Danielle Hanchett Friedman, LCSW, at the Santa Clara City Library on October 5th, 2014. You can download the presentation slides here. Danielle is teaching a Parenting by Connection Starter Class in Palo Alto this fall. And you can take a free test-drive of our self-guided materials on

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Playlistening Changes My Daughter’s Mood in Minutes

My 6-year-old daughter and I go swimming once a week together. She normally loves this time and looks forward to it, but one weekend she didn’t want to go at all. As it was our last session for a while, I encouraged her to go, but she made me insist that we would come out

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Special Time helps with Connection and Cuddles

My 8-year-old son was off-track and was signalling it clearly. It was bedtime and he was in my bed for cuddles, but he did not want to cuddle! He refused to let me leave the bed or the room, but also refused to let me near him, insisting I stay on the far side of

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Clingy Children, Frustrated Parents

In this free parenting call Certified Parenting by Connection instructors Lyra L’Estrange and Otilia Mantelers bring you practical solutions to build your child’s confidence and independence.                    

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