Month: November 2014

Setting a Limit at the Beach Helps Make the Holiday More Fun!

On the second day, our daughter, who was two, was starting to get upset easily, not wanting to share with her brother, and generally not being happy. At first I was thinking, why is she upset? She has had some really fun happy times with us, there are lots of new and fun and different things we are doing together… we are on holiday!

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Staylistening Through Losing Butterfly Friends — and Human Ones

Kids really do know how to heal from their emotional hurts – if we can be there to listen and support them through the process. I was reminded of this recently, when my seven-year-old daughter was going through friendship challenges at school. She was one of a threesome of girls, and all of them were

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Survive the Holidays – And Have Some Fun! [Replay]

When the holidays roll around, stress levels often run high, and the expectation that children’s behavior will be “good” with friends and family looms large. Children’s hopes soar during special occasions so why is this often the time they lose it? Practical Strategies for Good Times Join Hand in Hand Parenting instructors Julie Johnson and Michelle

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Setting Limits with Dr. Chris White & Patty Wipfler

Join Hand in Hand Founder Patty Wipfler in conversation with Dr. Chris White of Essential Parenting as they discuss setting healthy limits for children and strategies parents can use to increase connection and improve relationships at the same time. Setting limits with your child doesn’t have to be a struggle. Learn practical, and warm ways

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When My Son Only Wants Mummy

I love being a dad to my 3-year-old son, but when he pushes me away, I sometimes feel unfairly treated. He may wake up crying and I rush to him, only to be told, “Go away! I want Mummy!” Other times, he may want attention and cry out, but when I go to him, he

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Staylistening Helps Pave The Way Emotionally for A New Sibling

Last fall, my husband and I had some news which we thought would be exciting for our six-year-old daughter, but the conversation didn’t turn out the way we planned. The three of us sat down at the dinner table, and I said with a smile, “Honey, we have something we want to tell you. I’m pregnant.

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