Month: December 2014

Helping Your Children Get Along, Especially During the Holidays

When the holidays roll around, stress levels often run high, and children can get into frequent tussles with friends, siblings, and parents. We all get stretched during busy periods and that means that connected relationships get strained more than usual.  In this call, Kristen Volk gives you some fresh ideas on how to foster a

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How Professionals are Using Hand in Hand Parenting in Their Practice

Want to know more about how Hand in Hand Parenting can enhance your clinical practice as a therapist, or your effectiveness as a licensed professional working with parents and/or children in other capacities? In this podcast, Patty Wipfler introduces you to Maya Coleman, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist, and other Hand in Hand Instructors who, as licensed

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Power Struggles Over the Car Seat

The power struggle was on full swing. First, she wouldn’t get in her car seat. Then she wouldn’t latch her seatbelt or let me do it. Then after she was latched in, sometimes within 30 seconds she would take her seatbelt apart again.

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