Month: January 2015

Children Need Connection

This is the first video in a series of videos showing what children need to feel connected, and how you can help your relationship with your child get back o…

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Playing Away My Son’s Aggressive Behaviour

I had to keep a very close watch on my son, and be able to move in fast to protect myself or my daughter when he decided to have a swipe! But as the time went on, these incidents were fewer, and he was laughing more, and including his sister more in the games we were playing. I could sense we were all feeling very close.

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When Connection Breaks

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Conquering the ABCs through Staylistening

One afternoon, as I returned from work, I found my 9-year-old son and his grandmother writing out the English alphabet with beautiful coloured pens in his English class notebook. They were about to finish, when his grandmother asked him to say the English names for all the letters. My son started with enthusiasm, however, he

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How Your Childhood Affects Your Parenting

This call looks at the present challenges you face in your parenting, and explores how you can overcome them, by tracing their roots back to the past. Gain renewed energy and patience to be the parent you want to be as you learn how to connect to your family and yourself, Once you understand where

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Our Parents Did Their Best

Almost all of us can remember hurtful things our parents did. But they did their best. The human instinct to love is at its most powerful when we become parents. Your parents and mine wanted to love us with all they had. Just as we, too, were born to love our children with all we’ve got. When our parents couldn’t manage to get their love across, powerful forces may have stacked the deck against them.

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