Replay: Why Can’t My Kids Get Along?!

Put an End to Sibling Rivalry
Photo courtesy of Jason Pergament

Wouldn’t it be great to put an end to sibling rivalry? One of the most wearing jobs in parenting is refereeing fights between siblings!

Why is it that children who are born to be connected to one another fight frequently and we parents, who long to love our children wholeheartedly, get discouraged?

Join this free parenting call with Certified Instructors, Kirsten Nottleson, Kristen Volk and Sadie Van Gelder as they introduce you to the skills and understanding you need to truly mend children’s relationships with each other and with you.  They’ll discuss what’s at the root of sibling tensions and what it takes to melt the tightly-held upsets inside our children, so they can relax  and enjoy one another again.  They’ll also discuss what to do with the weariness or the frustration that gets triggered in us day after day.

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