Month: June 2015

Why My Son Cried When He Won the Game

It was nearly bedtime and we were playing a family card game. My 3 year old was tired and his behavior was flaring. Everything was wrong for him. “I don’t want that card…I don’t want to sit next to Mama…I want it to be my turn”, he whined. He was finding it hard to sit

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Empezamos el día con el pie izquierdo

El más pequeño de mis hijos despertó con miedo porque había soñado con una pesadilla. Cuando le pregunte que me contara no pudo. Solamente dijo que era un sueño malo y no le gustaba recordar. Mientras yo terminaba de hacer el almuerzo él se tenía que alistar para poder irnos a la escuela. Parece que

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How to Come Out Ahead When Your Family Faces Big Challenges Replay

Listen as Certified Hand in Hand Trainer Ravid Aisenman helps you discover what you need to know about supporting your family through any challenge life brings. Whether you are facing an unexpected move, illness, divorce, loss, or an overabundance of stress factors happening all at once, there are critical tools you can use to keep

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