Month: July 2015

Why Must My Kids Hit Each Other?

Hitting, it’s the worst! Especially to see your own children hit one another. My girls use to get physical the moment there was any sort of kafuffle. The Old Me would threaten, “You hit your sister again and you won’t be able to go to the park later!” It worked in the very short term, but they always seemed to resort to hitting again.

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Using Special Time To Explore Things That Are Normally Off Limits

I had often heard that Special Time can be used by our children as a way to explore things that are normally off limits with our approval, and  I experienced this recently with my four-year-old son. He had been “experimenting” with the soap in the bathroom for a while. By this I mean he was

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Using Play to End Sibling Rivalry

I could let my son continue to show me his impulse to interfere with his sister and I didn’t have to yell at him or tell him he was a “bad” kid. I knew there was nothing wrong with my son just because he wasn’t feeling connected and his impulse control was impaired. He needed connection first, before he could have good impulse control.

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How to Help Children Share

By Rachel Schofield “Mine!” screeches my 2-year-old and I turn round to find him holding on tight to a Tonka truck. His 7-year-old brother has the other end and is pouting back, “No it’s not.” Undeterred my youngest tightens his grip and roars loudly.  Then they are screaming in each other’s faces, tussling over the

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When Frustration Overflows – Tantrums Promote Learning

My three-year-old daughter loves getting herself dressed. She loves the autonomy of choosing what to wear and I see a real sense of achievement in her as she manages to work out the buttons, zippers, arm and leg holes, tags and inside-out bits. This sense of achievement doesn’t always come easily. Quite often, after multiple

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