Fears: Not Just for the Little Ones Replay

Shelley-Macy-CloseIn this Teleseminar, Certified Instructors Anna Cole and Shelley Macy discuss fun and effective ways of working with fears your children may have and also suggest ways to work on parental fears. We’ll make some suggestions for dislodging fears, young and old, and bring perspectives to use as mini-crowbars to pry them off our minds and give us back our freedom to enjoy our lives and children.

If you found this call helpful, you might also want to listen to Anna Cole and Certified Instructor Stephanie Parker as they as they discuss ways we parents can help one another resolve fears, anxiety, and the regular stress of parenting .

You can connect with Anna in her upcoming starter class call group as well!

And, if you are near Bellingham, Washington, please join Shelley for her Parenting by Connection Starter class.

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