A Dose of Special Time in the Morning

siblingsDreaded Mornings!

Mornings before school were the absolute worst. When my kids were little and I was home with them all day, I wanted them to go to school so badly. Be careful what you wish for.

Our mornings became so dreaded they left an emotional scar on me everyday. Nobody wanted to be rushed through the mornings and the cooperation was nil.

“Please brush your teeth,” I would say.

I was met with “I am not going to school!” “I am not brushing my teeth.”

I would say everything you are not supposed to say. “You will brush your teeth or else,” “Everyone is going to school and now. I don’t want to hear another word about it!”

I could hear my mother coming out of my mouth. I wanted to vomit. What was I doing?!

After trying every threat and punishment I could think of I finally started using the Hand in Hand methods. This is when I knew I connected with the Hand in Hand way of parenting on such a deep level. If this methodology could help me with my mornings, I would eat, breathe, and sleep it! And it did!

We started getting up 30 minutes early so we could PLAY! I mean really play. At first we started with Special Time. My husband and I would trade off playing with the girls on different mornings so everyone was getting a chance with each parent. We just did 20 minutes, right after breakfast and before we asked them to do the infinite list of “chores” before they went to school. It WORKED! They actually brushed their teeth without my threats! They even made their beds without me helping. It was amazing. Just those few minutes with them “filled up their cup,” so to speak, with love and attention.

Now we have added Playlistening and we get up even earlier to do that too. It takes time and effort but it is so worth it. 20 minutes in the mornings has given me hours of peace and love.

Want to add Special Time to your day? This free video series will show you how!

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