Parents of Preteens: A Q&A Session Replay

JulieJohnsonDo you find yourself the parent of a preteen? Then let Julie Johnson be your guide in calibrating Parenting by Connection to this crucial step of your child's journey

In this free replay, Julie addresses your questions and issues such as: What does Special Time look like as kids get older? How do I stay connected as my child grows more independent and friend-centered? How much one-on-one time does my preteen need with me in order to do well? Find answers and more below:

If you are looking for a deep-dive into Parenting by Connection for preteens, or your family is facing challenges and could use some extra support right now, you can work with Julie in her upcoming starter classes or connect with her on Facebook.  You’ll get lots of tips and good support in the six-week class, “Navigating the Preteen Years”. Register now for afternoon and evening online groups, or in-person in Berkeley, CA!


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