The 5 Keys to Raising Siblings Who Get Along

11863384_927497090654914_5154342785662851416_nYour kiddos don’t want to fight with each other or constantly feel like things are unfair. At their core, siblings want to be friends and get along. But here’s the catch — they need your help to do so.

In this video, Patty describes a 5-point approach to supporting cooperative and harmonious sibling relationships. Once you understand and can implement each piece in this approach, you’ll be on your way to fostering great sibling friendships.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • The importance of fostering a special relationship with each child
  • How to build support for yourself so parenting is less stressful
  • How to gracefully face troubles head on with the exact right tools
  • How to set limits early, often, and most importantly, playfully
  • How to listen to your children’s complaints about one another in a way that promotes healing instead of rivalry

Learn how to implement these 5 keys into your family’s daily life in Patty’s self-guided video course Taming Sibling Rivalry

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