Month: November 2015

The One Basic Secret of Reducing Parenting Stress

You know it better than anyone: parenting isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It’s poopy diapers, grocery store tantrums, and sticky fingers. It’s a job that asks so much of you, regardless of whether you have the flu, had a crummy night’s sleep, and a deadline looming. Every day, more gets stacked onto your plate. It’s

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7 Ways to Help Your Kids Get Along

You’re about to learn several tools you can use to prevent sibling rivalry, create a household free of incessant griping, and make each child feel truly special in less time than it takes to make microwave popcorn. Which of those were your favorite? Let us know in the comments below which one you’re going to

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Healing Broken Connections

My grandmother died when my daughter was two years old. My grandmother and I had been really close, so I was devastated. For a while it was hard to do the simplest of tasks, like getting out of bed, or making a cup of tea. Just looking after my daughter’s basic needs was all that

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Helping Children Sleep

Listen in as Certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors Maya Coleman, PhD Clinical Psychologist and Georgie Bancroft, PhD Psychologist share stories of how parents and other carers have helped their children sleep.

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Five Minutes of Listening Turned My Day Around

The other morning I woke up feeling low. I have a problem with the circulation in my legs, and the pain had been bothering me a lot recently. I tended to numb my feelings, eating chocolate, or having some caffeine, but I didn’t like the side effect of feeling edgy and finding it hard to

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