The One Basic Secret of Reducing Parenting Stress

You know it better than anyone: parenting isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It’s poopy diapers, grocery store tantrums, and sticky fingers. It’s a job that asks so much of you, regardless of whether you have the flu, had a crummy night’s sleep, and a deadline looming.

Every day, more gets stacked onto your plate. It’s hard, and rarely supported. Which is why, while the rest of the world keeps asking for more from you, we want to give something:

The gift of stress-free parenting.

If we said parenting would never be stressful again, we’d be lying. But there is a way to relieve much of the emotional tension that makes parenting feel so heavy, so you can:

  • Feel more patience and closeness for those you care about
  • Have more energy to play and be present with your kids
  • Laugh more easily
  • Feel more compassion for yourself and others
  • Respond warmly and with understanding when your child pushes limits or gets upset
  • Be creative and flexible when you are planning for your family or making decisions that affect you all
  • Let the worries you have about your parenting, or your child’s confusing behaviors go
  • Discover new confidence in your parenting
  • Recover your enthusiasm for raising your child, despite daily difficulties
  • Show up as the warm, empathetic parent you aspire to be

Less Stress, Clearer Thinking, Greater Warmth and Understanding

Thousands of parents all over the world have unloaded stress and tension with this one simple parenting tool. It’s free. In fact, all you need is the good, warm attention of another parent. It can bring big shifts in a parent’s thinking after just one or two sessions. They feel brighter, and more positive.

We call this tool Listening Partnerships. 

Parents Across The World Use This Powerful Tool To Reduce Parenting Stress

In this video you’ll hear from Hand in Hand Parenting’s founder Patty Wipfler about how Listening Partnerships lifted her parent stress, and how she was able to return to her children with more warmth, patience and playfulness than she had in many months previous.

Patty’s change was so dramatic she knew had to share it with parents, and over the last 30 years, the practice has spread across the globe. If you too would like to shift doubts, worries, and isolation enjoy Patty’s video below. She explains how to get started with Listening Partnerships, and why this free, little-known parenting tool can lift parenting anxieties and frustrations very quickly.

This tool has the power to increase your confidence, as a parent, and as a person in the world. Use it to overcome past hurts and regrets, change patterns in your parenting you know are not effective but haven’t known how to fix, and ultimately, to discover deep closeness and understanding of yourself, the little humans you are raising, and the big humans you care about.

If you watch just one video the rest of the year, let it be this one, and discover a parenting tool that makes a long-lasting positive impact.

How To Begin Listening Partnerships Today

We can help you find Listening Partners.  Join our Parent Club Community. In our monthly membership program, you can post your availability, time zone and how you’d like to connect.  There, you’ll be connected with Hand in Hand Parents who match your schedule.  You’ll also be guided by Hand in Hand Instructors on any challenges you are facing in your family. You can post in the group and get answers in hours, plus every month, you receive ideas and suggestions for using a Hand in Hand Parenting Tool, with live calls, emails and printable Fridge Lists.

Post for a Listening Partner, or even join a Listening Time NOW chat for “emergency Listening Time,” for times you need to relieve tension right away. See more about what’s included in Parent Club Community.

Dive Deep Into Listening Time

As parents begin or progress with Listening Time, they often want to know the nuances behind the practice. This 9-hour Building A Listening Partnerships Online Class has all the answers, including:

  • What makes a good listener?
  • How can I hold space for my Partner to create safety
  • How can I make sure I work on the real cause behind my stress
  • How do I know my Listening Partnerships are working effectively?

Take the full Listening Partnerships class and get energized, enthusiastic and clear in your parenting. 

Click to learn more about Building A Listening Partnership online class

Get free guide to listening partnerships and reduce parent stress

Get your free guide to Listening Partnerships here. This booklet expands on why Listening Partnerships work, and how to make them most effective for you.

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