An Open Letter (of Hope) to Parents Around the World

YOU are the hope we need in this challenging world.

hope-for-parentsDear Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Stepparents, and all those who care for children,

It seems that every day now, another shocking thing happens around us.

I know it can be disheartening; I know it can be frightening. We’re here to support you if you are feeling overwhelmed or beaten down by the world situation.

But if you are a part of this community of thoughtful, respectful parents, I want you to know that YOU are already hard at work on the solution. YOU are the hope we need in this challenging world.

It is hurt people who hurt other people, sometimes people they don’t even know.

More Peace Brings Peace

Have faith in your power.

Every time you resist the urge to be harsh with your child, you are creating a more peaceful world. A connected world. A world where grievances and injustice can be talked about and listened to. A world where hurt can be released in loving arms instead of blasted outward in misguided attacks.

Every time you respond with patience to your own child’s upset, frustration, or anger, you are building a better world.

Every 5 minutes you spend delighting in your child in Special Time, you are building a better world.

Every time you stop yourself and take a deep breath when you are ready to snap or yell or spank, you are building a better world.

Every time you ask another parent for help, sharing and healing the hurts you have sustained instead of marching stiffly on, or pretending “it wasn’t really that bad,”—when you accept comfort from another, and heal—you are building a better world for your children, and for all of us.

And I want you to know that I appreciate it. All of us at Hand in Hand Parenting are working to create a world that supports the amazing and challenging work you do.

You, in your everyday acts as a mother or father, move us toward a sustainable and peaceful world.

Thank you. Thank you for every tear, every hug, every limit set gently and firmly. Thank you for the deep breaths, the sleepless nights, the cups of coffee long gone cold, while you worked hard so that your child can become one of the intelligent, creative, visionary leaders and problem-solvers who can help us all create a peaceful world.

If you’d like to help spread this transformational approach to parenting, click here.

~ Julianne Idleman

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