Month: February 2016

Finding Support in an Information Overloaded World – Replay

Being a parent is the most important job you will ever do. It’s a job that constantly calls on you to think, respond, juggle different needs, come up with new ideas, negotiate, listen, and heal past hurts. And much more! It’s also a job that doesn’t come with any training, little support, and no clear way to sift through the barrage of advice and information we get when we have a family. Here’s help.

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Setting Limits and Building Family Cooperation – Replay

Consequences? Time Out? A more conscious, peaceful approach? What really works to set the limits kids need and build cooperation at home? Join us for this free parenting call led by Certified Instructor, Kathy Gordon, and Hand in Hand Trainer, Julianne Idleman to hear about a practical new way of setting limits that you and

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Helping My Toddler with Her Fear of Dogs

After the incident, my daughter refused to go out of the house for the next couple of days. She would start screaming as soon as I would open the door. I took her gently in my arms and showed her out the window that the dog was in the kennel now and then we went outside. She wouldn’t let go, she stayed in my arms. The next day again we went back outside, and I called the dog to let her see that the dog couldn’t get out of the run.

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Medical Home e-Learning Course

What, Why and How to Engage Using “Listening with Connection” Medical Home: What, Why and How to Engage Using “Listening with Connection” is a highly interactive, e-learning course developed to empower healthcare providers, consumers, and/or caregivers to: Learn the definition and benefits of a medical home Learn how “Listening with Connection” can help to build

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Assisting Children in Your Office or Hospital Setting – Replay

Listen in now and learn how Dr. Pam Oatis, and Pediatric Registered Nurse Brooke Batchelor use practical, and powerful listening tools in their work with children and families. These tools help them gain patient cooperation more easily, work more efficiently, and bring greater happiness and calm to the work they do. Check your email for more tips

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The Benefits of Laughter at Bedtime

Contrary to popular belief we should actually wind our children up before sleep! Roughhousing, and lots of giggles, can help children release any stress or remaining tension from the day. It also helps to build the connection that children need to feel safe to separate from us and fall asleep.

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Playing During the Morning Rush…

When you approach your child in a warm and playful manner, said Patty Wipfler, he often can use your attention to laugh his way back in contact with you, then into flexible play again.

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Is Your Child Hitting, Kicking, Biting? You are not alone! Replay

Has your child ever lashed out and hurt someone?  Have you had to deal with biting, hitting, pulling hair?  Has another aggressive child ever bothered your child? If your answer is yes then join the crowd!  It’s a shock to us when our little daughters and sons suddenly pinch someone, or hit their new baby

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20 playful ways to handle a child's aggression

20 Playful Ways To Heal Aggression

Aggression is common in toddlers, but that doesn’t mean it’s inevitable. The Hand in Hand Parenting philosophy is based on the fact that all children are naturally, good, loving and co-operative. Sometimes hurt feelings overwhelm their limbic system – the emotional part of the brain, and when this happens, their pre-frontal cortex – the part

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Why Your Child Acts up on Vacation

When a child displays off track and unreasonable behavior, they are often asking for us to bring a limit to help them stop. Bringing a limit to off track behavior can provide the emotional release children need and return them to their balanced, fun loving selves.

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