Day: February 18, 2016

Assisting Children in Your Office or Hospital Setting – Replay

Listen in now and learn how Dr. Pam Oatis, and Pediatric Registered Nurse Brooke Batchelor use practical, and powerful listening tools in their work with children and families. These tools help them gain patient cooperation more easily,

The Benefits of Laughter at Bedtime

Contrary to popular belief we should actually wind our children up before sleep! Roughhousing, and lots of giggles, can help children release any stress or remaining tension from the day. It also helps to build the connection that children need to feel safe to separate from us and fall asleep.

Playing During the Morning Rush…

When you approach your child in a warm and playful manner, said Patty Wipfler, he often can use your attention to laugh his way back in contact with you, then into flexible play again.

Tantrums Don’t Have to Be Terrible

It works because they learn that they can trust you to be their guide when they are lost. They learn that you love them in their darkest moments.

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