Month: April 2016

Mine! Mine! All the Time? How to Handle Sharing

My toddler has spent a lot of time in her first two years observing her older sister’s world of possessions. Though my older one, who is eight, is generally quite flexible these days about sharing her toys and other belongings with her sister, she has said the “M” word (“Mine!”) enough times for her younger

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Teaching Hand in Hand Parenting in a Homeless Shelter

My toddler slapped me three times in church last week and I did not hit her back. The pastor asked me how I managed to stay so calm. I pictured our Hand in Hand teacher. In spring 2015, the Hand in Hand Parenting community came together to raise $15,000 to provide free Hand in Hand

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get kids out on time mom and child walking

15 Tips For Getting Out Of The House With Kids

I’d love to live in a world where my daughter could take her time, where I could just open the back door and she could run out and play with other children all day. Unfortunately our world is not that simple. Most of us out of necessity have to, at least some of the time, get our children out of the house. And we a have a time limit.

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Special Time: Filling Your Child’s Connection Cup Replay

Join certified instructors Rachel Schofield and Stephanie Parker to learn how special time works and how they’ve used it in their families to transform many difficult situations and build stronger connections with their children. On this free parenting call you will learn: How special time works and how it builds connection How special time can

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10 Tips for More Playful Parenting

Remember the games that YOU loved to play as a child & bring them back into your family. Kids love to hear stories about their parents as children – they will love even more to play the games you played “back in your day.”

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How to Boost the Mental Health of Children

By Rachel Schofield A stunning 80% of adults feel like their parents didn’t really love them as a kid (1). This creates a drain on the mental health of children. Of course, we all love our children beyond words, but sometimes our love gets buried under feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, loneliness, and worry. Deep down

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5 Sleep Secrets Parents Need for Peaceful Nights

a guest post by Kate Orson Sleep advice for babies and toddlers usually comes in two forms. There is the strict ‘cry it out’ approach where we leave children alone till they learn we won’t respond at night, or the more gentle ‘wait it out’ approach where we simply wait until they naturally start sleeping

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Helping Kids Get Along

We’re going to let you in on a little secret… Children want to have a good relationship with one another. But they need your help to get there. How can you help? Check out this video below to find out the easy method you can start using right away to put an end to squabbles

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How to Keep from “Losing It”

One minute, your kids are screaming. The next minute, you are. Then comes the guilt, and the, “Oh %@!$, I swore I’d never do that…” Sound familiar? The good news: You’re not alone. The better news: there’s a simple 5-minute tool you can use to prevent yourself from doing those things you said you never

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