Month: May 2016

I Want Another Cookie and I Will Not Buckle My Car Seat

We were at an impasse for at least 10 minutes. We tried to wait patiently for her to be ready to leave, but she refused to buckle her car seat and physically prevented us from helping her. Finally, after at least 10 minutes, she allowed me to help her. She was tired and angry and the look in her eyes said, “Help me. I’m in here somewhere and I can’t find myself.”

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Diffuse the ‘MINE!’: Sharing and the Give-&-Take of Relationships Replay

Listen in on Certified Parenting by Connection instructors Susan Derby and Emily Gray Murray in this free parenting seminar on Diffusing the MINE! During which you’ll learn how to support your child in being more flexible with the give-and-take of play with friends, siblings, and peers. If you want more guides, checklists, and “How Tos” on

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