What Keeps Dads, and Executive Directors, Up at Night?

“Do parents and donors even know they can make a difference by supporting Hand in Hand’s work with low-income families?”

SVGives 2016As you may have heard, I’m coordinating Hand in Hand’s participation in SVGives Day on May 3. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to provide parenting support and classes in communities where parents can least afford it, and need it the most.

This is the first time I’ve coordinated a fundraiser like this for Hand in Hand. And it’s also the first time Hand in Hand Parenting has participated in a giving day fundraising event. We are nervous newcomers.  These thoughts (and my two-year-old’s occasional cries) are keeping me up at night.

“Will busy parents remember to click on our giving page on May 3?”

“Can we really reach our $15,000 goal in one day?”

“Will I it take 20 minutes for my youngest son to put on shoes before school on May 3 even if  I remind him the night before what a big day it is for daddy?”

“Do parents and donors even know they can make a difference by supporting Hand in Hand’s work with low-income families?”

“If we fall short of our goal, can I get some Listening Time from Patty to work through my issues before going home?”

“What would the world be like if we could reach every parent who needed it with help and support for them and their family?”

To quiet these worries, we are getting to work.  We created a giving page that can accept gifts now for those who are out of town or who don’t want to wait until May 3 to give.  We are trying to get the word out via our website, Facebook page, Twitter, email, and social media to our friends and supporters.  On May 3, we will be live and in person at the Palo Alto Microsoft store in Stanford Shopping Center from noon to 2 pm to share stories about Hand in Hand and help make SV Gives day a success for the all the nonprofits who are participating.

And we are already over half way to our goal.  The Hand in Hand board of directors created a $7,500 matching fund, and we have already received $1570 in gifts toward meeting the match.

Craig Appel, Executive Director, Hand in Hand ParentingSo, whether those shoes make it on before school or not, I hope you’ll consider supporting Hand in Hand Parenting’s spring campaign to provide parenting support and tools to those who need it the most.

Craig Appel is the father of four, mostly shoe-wearing, kids and the Executive Director of Hand in Hand Parenting

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