Secrets about Tantrums and Stress-free Ways To Deal With Them

It goes without saying that with parenting comes tantrums, but how you deal with them can profoundly shape your own parenting experience and your children's upbringing.

Secrets to handling tantrums no stressDespite the term “terrible twos,” as they're labeled, being widespread, tantrums can begin before the second year and last right into the teens, yet whenever they strike they can be a surprise and they can be stressful.

Our own childhood experiences weigh on us when we encounter tantrums – either we repeat discipline methods used on us, or desperately scrabble away from them in search of other techniques. And the techniques are many. Dependent on our mood, we might settle on a sarcastic comment, we may barter, we may ignore, we may weep, we may issue time outs, and we may, on darker days, shout, swear and lash out.

But, what if we told you there is a different way? A more accepting way. A way that shows you that these outbursts are not only necessary to your child, but healthy and healing for them too?

During our free call on Tuesday July 12th, you'll learn secrets about tantrums that will turn your parenting around.

Ready to tame those tantrums peacefully? Drop by and listen as Hand in Hand instructors share:

  • Why tantrums happen and how you can use them to build a stronger connection with your child
  • How to respond to tantrums in a way that increases co-operation
  • How to reduce your own stress so that you deal with them calmly

You'll go back to your family armed with new understanding and tools to help you deal with tantrums without losing your temper.

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Can't make the date? Don't worry! You can still register and we'll send you a recording packed with valuable info and stress-free strategies.


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