Month: March 2017

el arte de poner límites con afecto – replay

Las instructoras de Hand in Hand Marilupe de la Calle y María Ignacia del Río esperan que la conversación sobre  El arte de poner límites con afecto haya sido valiosa para ti. El arte de poner límites con afecto; un regalo que fortalece la relación con nuestros hijos. ¿Terminas el día cansado de repetir una y otra…...

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How Parent Listening Time is More Helpful Than Venting

Dear Hand in Hand, “I’ve heard a lot about the parent listening tool, Listening Partnerships, but what makes them so different to the good, easy chats I have with my friends about parenting? I have one friend that I met when we were both pregnant, and our children have grown up together. We share and

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Empowering Anxious Students in Class

You have a classroom of kids and plenty to get through, but one, quite clearly has issues with the topic. He or she might withdraw. Maybe they cry. The other children notice and begin to tease. Which isn’t fair. But you have a classroom of kids and plenty to get through. Sarah Charlton works with

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Care-i problema cu bătaia

În multe dintre culturile occidentale există o istorie lungă privind permisiunea de a bate copiii. Mulți dintre părinții noștri foloseau această metodă de disciplinare. Cei mai mulți dintre noi credem că părinții noștri au făcut ce au putut ei mai bine ca să ne iubească. Când vine vorba despre a ne bate sau nu copiii, problema este destul de confuză – dacă noi am devenit adulți integri deși părinții noștri ne-au bătut, oare n-o fi bătaia o metodă acceptabilă, ba chiar dezirabilă de a disciplina copiii?

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Comment assurer son rôle de parent avec plus de patience

One Simple Way to Soothe Stress and Parent More Patiently

As parents, we devote our time to the care and well-being of others. We hear a lot about self-care, about why it’s important to take timeouts for ourselves, or about how being mindful and calm can help us in our parenting journey. We want to be calm, to find patience, to reduce our parenting struggles,

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a playful response helps stop child whining

A Playful Response Helps With Whining and Pretend Pain

A Guest Post by By Emilie Leeks Our four-year-old daughter had a growing tendency to be very melodramatic around ‘pain’. If she was in a certain kind of mood and just got touched or gently bumped, she would whine and start to cry, repeatedly saying things like ‘Ow! You have to rub it.’ At times she

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A Tool That Helps Students Feel Heard

Traditionally in classrooms, teachers talk and children listen. While curriculums are updating to include self-directed learning, children in many classrooms may still feel unheard, and if they have worries or concerns outside of learning – peer pressure or bullying, test anxiety, or issues from home that affect them in school – there seems little place

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Parents, One Way To Quiet Your Crazy Inner Voice

I was chatting with a friend that has recently taken a Hand in Hand course of mine. She commented that since doing the course she feels like I am an extra voice in her head, and that i’m always in there, commenting on her parenting! We laughed, but I recalled something like the same experience. I

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Play Helped When My Child Acted Helpless

My daughter was a very capable girl at eight years old. She was smart, strong, clever, and so resourceful. But at the same time, she sometimes acted helplessly. As a single parent, it would drive me crazy when she needed help with the most basic of things. Sometimes, she would demand that I help her

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How to Say No to Your Child with Love

Saying no can be hard. Some of us avoid saying it if we feel like we just don’t have the energy for another fight and we skirt around saying “No.”  For others it brings up a lot of feelings. Feelings of resentment, guilt, anger or a general feeling of discomfort or unease. These feelings can coerce us

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Some Staylistening Success Helped my Baby Son Take Naps

A Guest Post By Lisa Tripp My six-month-old son, has had some challenges falling asleep for naps for several months, but the challenges have gotten easier and sleep has gotten more flexible for him as we’ve been using Staylistening. You can find out more about how listening to children cry and staylistening works in this

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