Angry Child

Helping Children with Aggression – Replay

Thanks for joining our two Hand in Hand instructors, Dr. Pamela Oatis and Roma Norriss, for this discussion on helping children with aggression.

Aggression in our children can be overwhelming. It can raise a myriad of difficult feelings in us as parents and it can be frightening for the child, the parent, the siblings and anyone else around. Aggression in children is common but not inevitable. With our combined experiences and knowledge using Hand in Hand techniques, the instructors will be able to help you learn how to support yourself and your child and reduce aggression over time.

In this call replay they cover why children act aggressively and how to keep everyone safe. They offer tools to help an angry child become more playful and compassionate. The tools talked about are how to use Setting Limits to create safe boundaries, Staylistening to release the root pain beneath the behavior and how Listening Partnerships can help with any of your own feelings that arise when your child is aggressive.

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