Hand in Hand’s Newest Instructors

Welcome, Hand in Hand Parenting's New Certified Instructors 2017

We are so delighted to introduce to you our newest Certified Instructors of Hand in Hand Parenting. Each of them has done wonderful work in listening, connecting, and using the tools during their certification, and we know they are passionately dedicated to sharing the tools in their work with families like yours.

Brindusa Milasan, RomaniaHand in Hand Instructor Brindusa Milasan, from Romania

“I can’t remember the last time I yelled or lost my temper.”

Brindusa Milasan lives in Cluj-Napoca, Romania with her husband. They have a boy and a girl. Brindusa is an advocate for listening to and welcoming children’s feelings. She also enjoys bringing more play, fun and connection into family life. Brindusa is passionate about supporting parents on their journey, to care for themselves and help them grow and become the parents they want to be.

You can connect with Brindusa on Facebook or email


profile picture of Certified Instructor Claire Rosina from Queensland, Australia

Claire Rosina, Australia

“I had been trying so hard to change my parenting, but was finding it overwhelming as I had no support. No one around me was parenting this way!”

Hailing from Queenland, Australia, Claire Rosina is mama to three boys.

Her real life struggles with moving from a traditional parenting style of punishments, time-outs and yelling to Hand in Hand's connection parenting, brings with it lots of anecdotes of honest, imperfect parenting, and success stories that are truly inspiring for the parents of her support talks and classes.

connect with Claire via email, her website or her Facebook page.
Image of Isabela Budusan, a hand in hand certified instructor from RomaniaIsabela Budusan, Romania

“Hand in Hand Parenting has helped me see the good in other people, to feel that we could all be happy.”

Isabela lives in Aiud, in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, with her three children. She discovered Hand in Hand after her second child, when she found herself saying things her parents had said to her and that she promised she would never utter. “As a pragmatic person I was looking for something concrete and unitary, something I would find in one place, something that would have effect after applying it and fast if possible.” She found Hand in Hand and certified as an instructor in December, 2016.

Find Isabela on Facebook and Email


Image of maría ignacia del río silva, of Hand in Hand ChileMaria Ignacia del Rio Silva, Chile

“The Hand in Hand tools gave me a way to connect deeply with my history, my kids, and myself.”

Psychologist, Family Therapist and now Certified Hand in Hand Instructor, Maria Ignacia is Hand in Hand's first South American instructor, and is the founder of Hand in Hand Chile.

Maria Ignacia gives parents in her support groups and gatherings space where their love can shine, and where they feel supported, listened to and anchored in their parenting.

Contact Ignacia by email, through her website, or on Facebook and Instagram at handinhandchile

Alexandra Moga, a hand in hand instructor based in Bucharest, RomaniaAlexandra Moga, Romania

“I don’t believe that there is a recipe for the “perfect family” but I believe that there are tools (the Listening Tools) and information (the parenting by connection philosophy) that can bring us closer to our children.”

Based in Bucharest, Romania, Alexandra Moga has two sons and discovered Hand in Hand after struggling to adapt to her growing family. She believes in a relaxed and honest parent-child relationship, and is extremely happy to see parents eager to nurture connection with their children, and is delighted to share tools to foster this aim.

Read Alexandra's blog, and reach out to her through her Facebook page and Email

image shows Abigail Wald of Los Angeles, a Hand in Hand Parenting InstructorAbigail Wald, USA

“I couldn’t understand why my children whom I loved so much could be so difficult. It never occurred to me that sometimes they would fight that love. That they would need something other than my love.”

Abigail has two children and is passionate about sharing the Hand in Hand tools that healed her family after difficult births and medical issues. She loves to support all parents but particularly enjoys helping parents bridge the gap between their ideals and their reality, supporting dads in finding their power and strength in connection, helping families with kids facing medical challenges, and helping parents understand the science behind why our kids – and we –sometimes flip out.

You'll find Abigail at RealTimeParenting.com

picture shows Velma Gentzsch, a Hand in Hand Certified Instructor from the USAVelma Gentzsch, St. Louis, USA

“Hand in Hand helped me learn how to love myself and my son well in easy and challenging times.”

Velma is passionate about helping parents thrive, loving children in all their moods, and learning to play to build connection. Velma has experience with early NICU trauma, supermom syndrome, postpartum depression, separation anxiety and child aggression

Reach Velma by email here.

Listen to this podcast and read our post on the Instructor Certification Program to find our more about becoming a Certified Hand in Hand Instructor. We'd love to have you.











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