Month: August 2017

How I Used Play to Help When My Child Was Fighting With Her Friend

Yesterday my 8-year-old daughter had a friend playing at our house all day. There were lots of arguments and power struggles over their play. It wasn’t going well. The other girl said that she wanted to go home a few times and both of them didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves. I was trying

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How Emergency Special Time Helps an Aggressive Sibling

Early one morning, my seven-year-old daughter began to be aggressive with her younger brother. She insisted that he play with her—and on her terms. He did his best to tell her no, but he wasn’t getting through. The situation was escalating quickly. I decided to invite my daughter for five minutes of Special Time, as

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Replay of Back to School: New Beginnings and Big Feelings

    Learn Hand in Hand Parenting tools to help handle the tears and fears that come with the new school year, and get your kids off to a great start. Join Certified Hand in Hand Instructors Marilupe de la Calle and Heidi Russell in this free parenting call replay.   more from the hand

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How Playlistening Helped My Son Help Me Laugh

Playlistening is an invaluable tool that helps a child through situations they feel powerless about, scared feelings and blocked fears. It usually works when there is some roleplay involved, like this story about a girl who was scared of hairwashing, or this story, where playlistening helped with whining. In Playlistening, an element of roleplay helps

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12 Fun Outdoor Games For Solving Power Struggles With Kids

“Mom! He’s being mean to me.” “She’s weird. I don’t want to play with her.” “They never give me a turn.” “He won’t let us climb the tree.” “She always gets to go first! Just because she’s the oldest…” You might hear words like these when your child talks about brothers, sisters or friends. All

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Replay of Why Is Parenting so Much Harder Than I Expected?

Parents today face many challenges that can leave us feeling exhausted, confused, guilty and isolated. For many of us, parenting hasn’t been the joy we thought it would be and sometimes it seems like our children can’t recognize all the love and caring we have to offer. When did it get so hard? Join Hand

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