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For the last 40 years, Hand in Hand Parenting has transformed relationships between adults and children. A powerful approach pioneered by founder Patty Wipfler eases the stress of parenting, providing a deep understanding of children's emotions alongside a  framework that supports parents and caregivers and the children they care for.

This year, our mission is to reach 50,000 parents doing the hardest and most important job there is: raising kids

With your help we can:

  • Provide free resources and scholarships for paid classes and courses for parents
  • Offer training and support for professional caregivers working with children in need
  • Fund Hand in Hand Certified Instructors to run community programs for underserved communities

Hand in Hand Instructors work with parents and caregivers across the globe. Their programs have transformed the lives of families living in poverty, facing violence and fear. We have successfully run classes and courses in prisons, sheltered housing, schools, reservation lands and shanty towns and we want to do more!

Hand in Hand's empathetic approach empowers parents to connect with their children, with play, with warmth, with love. Always. It's a program that gets passed down, so the gift you give today will last for generations.

As a parent, you know all about giving. Empower a parent to give more today.

How Can You Give on #GivingTuesday?

There are three ways to give to Hand in Hand on #GivingTuesday

1.Make your gift here or through the Donate button on our Facebook Page

2. Share this post on your social media. You can use the hasgtags #GivingTuesday, #Handinhand, #Listentokids and #Nonprofit

3. Share your Unselfie and tell your friends why you support Hand in Hand Parenting. You can even print this Hand in Hand #GivingTuesday UNselfie template

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