Month: February 2018

calm parenting through aggressive behavior

How to Cope More Calmly With Your Child’s Aggression

What I remember is that she felt defeated in the face of her child’s aggression. All she’d done was say “no” to the playdate, and he’d hit her. In the park. In front of everyone. Just like that. With no warning. How had she put it? “Out of the blue,” I think were her exact

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Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events

Hand in Hand Parenting Podcast for Parents, Episode 18: Rebuilding Hope When We Are Shocked or Scared by World Events When shocking events or natural disasters leave us raw and overwhelmed parenting can feel tougher than usual. Today Abigail and Elle share Hand in Hand’s ideas for caring well for ourselves and our children when events

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Why Responding With Calm Helps An Upset Child

When my daughter was five and a half, we decided to take our craft project outside on a gorgeous afternoon. As soon as she sat down, a big black spider jumped on her arm and bit her. She screamed in pain and ran back inside. I followed her and saw her arm was getting swollen.

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when staylistening doesn't go as planned

Staylistening Surprises: When Things Don’t Go As Planned

If you’ve discovered the simple and seemingly radical tool of Staylistening – of staying and listening through your child’s upset – you may have been amazed by how your child recovers from that tantrum or meltdown and returns to brightness and easy co-operate. Or, you may have not! Surprise! Staylistening doesn’t always go the way

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How To Keep Calm Even on School Day Mornings

Is getting ready for school making you all stressed every morning? Do you find yourself screaming “We’re gonna be late!”… …only to find your son still sitting around in his pyjamas? Do you ask yourself why you have to ask them 300 times to do something? Do you feel panic rising at the thought of being late?

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Care Package for Shocking Events

Articles for Parents Helping Children Exposed to Shocking Events Talking to Your Child About Disasters and Violence Childhood Trauma: How To Overcome It A 7 Step Guide to Building Safety and Connection at Home Audio & Video Resources for Parents One Basic Secret of Reducing Parenting Stress (video) Helping Children Face an Uncertain World (audio)

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One Way To Stay Connected As Your Kids Get Older

  How can you keep connected to your children as they get older? In this video, Roma talks about the value of listening to your tween and teen when they offload, and why this one transformational tool is so wonderful for keeping children close as they get older and begin to move away from the

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Parenting This Way Saved me from Drowning in Motherhood

I was not prepared for motherhood. Not for the emotional being who was now my responsibility. Not for the craziness, the crying, the fussing, the whinging, the whining, the tantrums and raging meltdowns and not for what they would stir up in me. I’d fought hard to become a mum, to wear that badge and

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Care Package of Resources

With recent events, everyone at Hand in Hand Parenting wanted to support you and your family in any way we can with the childhood trauma resources for parents and caregivers listed below. Hand in Hand Parenting offers a set of trauma-informed parenting practices that have been used effectively by parents and caregivers for the last

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What’s Going Well in your Parenting?

That’s right! What’s going well? It’s easy to tear yourself apart over parenting, questioning what’s going wrong, and becoming overwhelmed with doubts and disappointments. But this week Abigail and Elle  – and right in time for Valentines – look at the value of taking a moment or two to see what’s going good for you

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6 Things I Learned When I Brought Connection into the Classroom

Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor Sarah Charlton works as a learning support assistant with secondary school-aged children in the UK and has seen the benefits of bringing connection tools into the classroom, with teachers and pupils. Here are six illuminating lessons she learned along the way. 6 Things I Learned When I Brought Connection into

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