Month: May 2018

How to Set Effective Limits and Help Children Cooperate

By Rachel Schofield Like it or not, part of everyday life as a parent is Setting Limits with our child. We naturally want to keep our kids safe, help them build respectful relationships and learn to take care of themselves. And that means we need them to do things like stop snatching toys from a

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How To Respond When a Baby Cries

Babies cry.

It’s hard to listen when all you want to do is find a way to make your baby stop crying. As a parent you’re hard-wired to care when a baby cries, after all. But sometimes, it feels like babies cry for no reason.

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Try This When You Come Home to A Cranky Toddler

You’ve had a hard day and you walk through the door, ready to see your child and find out what you missed. Except that when you walk into your home, your son or daughter gives you a sour look. You take a deep breath. Instead of the happy homecoming you dreamt of and crave, it looks

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Learning To Cope With My Baby’s Crying

Several years before becoming a Mum I went to stay with a dear friend who had recently given birth. When her baby was crying at times when she wasn’t hungry or cold or wet, she simply held her in her arms and listened to her, reassuring her that all was well. I found this fascinating.

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One (Fun) Way to Survive Grocery Shopping With Kids

Going grocery shopping with my kids always ends up being a nightmare. Historically, I’ll have two kids running up and down the isles playing tag and screaming while the third one is walking next to me nagging about all the different things she wants. Due to me struggling to keep them close and avoiding them

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Why Telling Your Birth Story Can Help In Your Parenting

This week Elle and Abigail are telling their birth stories… Now, why would they want to do that? Birth can engulf us with emotions that linger way beyond the time our children are babies, but we rarely have an opportunity to talk about the feelings we had. What we felt then, how it shaped up

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To The Mama Whose Birth Did Not Go to Plan: You Are Not a Failure

Dear Mama, If you have had a birth experience that did not go as you hoped or planned, it’s not selfish to have negative feelings about it. Even though you, or the people around you, may expect the joy of the new baby to erase any negative feelings about the birth, your feelings matter. Birth

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These Five Things Make for Happy New Parents

Having a baby is like moving to a new country. We have lots of questions as we get to know this new person in our lives and many feelings can surface for us in the days and months that follow our new arrival. Sometimes we feel an enormous love when a new baby is born,

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