Rethinking Tickling: Why You Might Want To Rethink Tickling Kids

Tickling seems like a good, reliable route to laughter and fun, so why might we suggest rethinking it?

Today on the podcast the Elle and Abigail talk about Hand in Hand’s approach to tickling and how they tackled it in their own families.

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Elle remembers the good and the bad of tickling in her house when she was a child and Abigail recounts times her sons begged her to tickle them, and how they found good alternatives. They discuss power play and boundaries in the #metoo era.

Why Do we need to Rethink Tickling?

Listen in for this lively and light-hearted chat around tickling. Find out how Hand in Hand Parenting views tickling, and get tools for when:

  • You want to laugh with your child without turning to tickles
  • Why your child might ask to be tickled and how you can respond
  • Tickling has been a connecting force between you and your kids but now you’d like to transition
  • Your child begs to be tickled and you aren’t sure what else to do

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More Tools and Resources Around Laughter and Tickling

Dad tickling sonGet more understanding about Hand in Hand ‘s approach to tickling from founder Patty Wipfler in Tickling Kids Can Do More Harm Than Good

And hear how one, real-life mom moved on A Mother Graduates from Tickling to Listening


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