Celebrate Your Microwins: Learning to Let Your Kids Win a Little When You Set Limits

The title of this podcast is Celebrate Your Microwins: Learning to Let Your Kids Win a Little When You Set Limits

But what's a microwin?

Although this sounds like a good piece of business advice, the art of the microwin is a nuance of Hand in Hand's Setting Limits tool, and can make the tool even richer when you set limits with your kids.

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Taking Setting Limits to New Heights

Hand in Hand comes from the stance of being on your child's side when you set a limit, and you can read more about this listen, limit, listen approach to setting limits here.

Despite this, we parents often find ourselves becoming “limit agents” – we take the limit's side to ensure whatever we want to see gets done, get's done.

What's the problem with that?

Immediately, we're in conflict with our child, and that is not a climate that sets a child up to win. It's not a climate that lets them succeed at the limit.

Join us this week as Abigail reveals a new approach to limits that does set a child up to succeed in getting things done. Together.

Learn how to use the microwin, and let your kids win a little when you set limits.

Celebrating the Microwins:

Join us on Celebrate Your Microwins: Learning to Let Your Kids Win a Little When You Set Limits and find out:

  • How to shake up the usual perspective on setting limits
  • How to approach a limit with your child
  • How to reset a limit gently
  • Why a child flushes out feelings that helps them achieve the limit
  • How to listen as your child expresses those feelings
  • And how to handle negotiation calmly

Abigail shows how the art of the microwin works using a recent stand-off Elle found herself in with her child as a model and that proves very revealing.

And we discuss why limit setting can bring up big feelings for us as parents as well as for our children.

Listen to: Celebrate your Microwins now

If you've ever been stuck about setting limits that kids listen to, if you find it hard to keep calm when you set limits, or get confused when your child tries to negotiate a limit, this episode will help reveal a useful technique for helping to keep you and your kids close and connected while setting limits.

Come listen and learn how to set up and celebrate your microwins!

Yay! If you want to celebrate your microwins you can print this microwin certificate as a PDF

More About Setting Limits the Hand in Hand way:

Here is the self-guided online course on Setting Limits and Building Cooperation that Elle mentions.

You can check the full list of Hand in Hand online courses here.

This post talks about the different limits you can set with children and when to use them

4 Types of Limits That Children Need

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