Sibling rivalry with evie granville on the hand in hand podcast

Sibling Rivalry: Abigail and Elle Talk Soothing Sibling Battles with Evie Granville

Sibling rivalry with evie granville on the hand in hand podcastThis week we're replaying a wonderful podcast we recorded on sibling rivalry with Evie Granville of Modern Manners for Moms and Dads.

Join us as we decode what's driving the behaviors between Evie's two children, and share with here how to approach Sibling Rivalry from a Hand in Hand approach.

On this special guest podcast, you'll learn:

  • What to do when your kids won’t share
  • How to handle aggressive behaviors
  • And ways to prevent sibling rivalry before it even starts

Listen in to lots of anecdotes and real-life situations about brothers and sisters, battles and squabbles, love and connection in this episode!

More Resources for Easing Sibling Rivalry

This bumper guide to sibling rivalry has many solutions to help ease battles between siblings: A Hand in Hand Guide to Sibling Rivalry and if you want to add in a little humour, try these 15 Playful Ways to Solve Sibling Rivalry

And here is the link to our podcast on Brain Science that Abigail talks about.

Go to to listen to more of Evie's podcasts.

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